Marketing and advertising translation

Advertising is like magic: the best tricks work without revealing how they were done. And in that artifice there is a fundamental commitment: you’ll leave the show feeling sure you got your money’s worth.

Translation magic isn´t about dressing up your organization or products in foreign clothing. It’s about showing your local audience that you respect and understand their culture.

Cultural adaptation takes into account factors like the impact of colors and graphics, numbering formats, units of measure and local currency, as well as text structure, social conventions on gender, the proper levels of formality, and more.

ANT offers you native translators specialized in marketing who can deliver your message persuasively.

Neutral language or reverse localization


Sometimes you need to localize communications by country or region, and sometimes it´s better to employ a neutral style to reach a broader audience.

“Neutral” language is a flattened variant, but it doesn´t have to be dull. It seeks the most communicative way to reach the largest possible number of speakers in a language all at once, regardless of their cultural differences or regionalisms (for example, English-speakers in the USA, the UK and Australia).

In advertising copy, direct translation doesn’t always hit the mark and the message has to be adapted, form and content are designed to inspire the same emotions and produce the same results.

If you´re aiming for the Argentinian market, a reference to soccer will work better than one to baseball, and peanut butter may not sound so tempting. But dulce de leche? Now, that’s a different story!

You put a world of care into your texts, and ANT puts the world at your fingertips.

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