Legal document translation

Differences between legal systems across cultures make legal translation a complex endeavor. For example, some concepts in common law have no equivalent in civil or Islamic Law. Besides, the same concepts may require different terminology in different countries because of differences in the evolution of national legal traditions.

Thus, to guarantee legal protection and security across borders, it is not only necessary to know the source and target languages, but also the legal systems and their nuances in both cultures.

Legal terminology and style are extremely specific and it takes professional translators years to acquire specialized knowledge in these areas. For legal translation, at Ant we only work with professional translators and legal specialists (attorneys and paralegals) to guarantee the accuracy of your texts.

For projects that comprise hundreds or thousands of pages and are also on tight deadlines, we not only assign teams of specialists, but also provide the processes and technology that allow multiple translators to work simultaneously on the translation and revision of documents. Among other quality safeguards, glossaries of agreed-upon terminology are created and enforced to ensure accurate translations and consistent terminology across all texts.

For your peace of mind, we’re certified to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 17100 (requirements for translation services) standards.

Our commitment is to offer you professional and accurate legal translations, confidentiality, friendly and personalized attention and expert project management so you can maximize your budget—and minimize your stress.