When you need those  contracts
translated  for Asia and Europe right away.

When you’ve been
made responsible for subtitling
those new online courses.

When you should be targeting other markets, but your company´s  website  is only available in your language.

When you have to submit  certified translations  to get visas for your team.

When you need a  professional translation of manuals  for your new products.

We’re ready to help. For your peace of mind, we’re certified to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 17100 (requirements for translation services) standards.

Professional translation enhances your global identity and brand value because it builds trust and rapport both within your global organization and in your outward-facing communication to the world.
We are Ant and, like our little namesakes, we love teamwork! We help you do more and reach further, with our diligence and attention to detail.

What services do I need?

From translating an internal email to localizing software (including documentation, help files, training videos, advertising, and apps), we optimize all processes to achieve maximum quality with a truly streamlined approach.

Do you have a document for translation? We are ready to get to work! Get in touch with us!

Are you preparing an e-learning portal with responsive web design for a global audience? We guide you through the localization process, from start to finish. With ANT, you get to the marketplace faster, with predictable processes, clear estimates and consistent terminology in every phase of your project.

What’s more, we put the latest technology at your disposal to easily update your translations when you make any changes to your documents or launch new versions of content or software.



Access the information that you need
to plan and take action.



Engage and connect on a deep level with your target audience to
convey your perspectives, offers and value-added propositions.



Achieve your goals in any language.


With human translation powered by cutting-edge technology.
With best practices optimized via standardized procedures.
With attentive customer service and strong values.


Move forward with us
and expand your global reach.


ANT was founded by an economist
and lead auditor of ISO 14000
who has been helping companies better connect
with the world since 2004.

Get ready for your next project

Get ready for your next project

Save time and resources, avoid delays.


The latest systems at your disposal; more file formats and control at a lower cost.

Specialized translators

A carefully selected team of professional translators, specialized in the subject areas you need, ready for your projects.


Achieve consistent quality in repeat tasks and custom-designed processes for your more complex projects. ISO 9001:2015 (quality management) and ISO 17100:2015 (requirements for translation services) standards, certified by an independent third party for your peace of mind.


Our services are covered by non-disclosure agreements from start to finish. ANT uses cutting-edge technology to keep your information secure.


Dedication and passion at your service: the best deal in the long run.

Professional translation of economic, financial, legal, medical & pharmaceutical, architectural & urban planning, and marketing texts.

Shine in front of top management, make your team’s life easier, comply with rules and regulations, and get your customers and investors on your side with accurate and timely information in the language they prefer.

What our clients say:

“ANT Translation has been instrumental to our business development in Latin America, these guys really know their business. For our team it’s always reassuring to know we can count on them for our translation and interpreting needs, plus working with them is always a breeze.” Dynamics

Evan SchindlerBusiness Development at Dynamics, Inc. (Fintech)Dynamics Inc.

“We’ve been working with Leo for years. His company offers us more services than ever to assist with our international customers while providing outstanding quality and the timeliness of delivery we rely on.”

Juan Ignacio BelloPartner at Estudio Bello&Ferrer (accounting firm)Estudio Bello&Ferrer

“The translation of our website was completed in a very timely fashion and Ant Translation worked very well with our website designer to accomplish the project in a seamless fashion at a very affordable cost. I would highly recommend Ant Translation to any organization looking for quality work completed on time and within budget.”

Susan BergstromProgram Director at The Literacy Council of Sarasota (NGO)Literacy Council of Sarasota


Sarasota FL 34239, USA



+1 (941) 320 3936 USA
+54 (11) 5236 5686 ARG